The THird Floor, Warner Bros/Legendary (2016)

A long production (by previs standards)  because of the sheer volume of visual effects character work, our large previs team from the Third Floor spent 9 months on set in Vancouver doing previs and postvis for all major action sequences in the movie.

Our team, lead by Shawn Hull, was really encouraged to push the look and quality of our previs to showcase the stunning production design of the movie. Considering the technical limitations we had before game engines were adopted, I think we made some of the best looking and exciting previs at the time.

The biggest challenges were dealing with the volume of characters and heavy sets in the battle scenes, with sometimes hundreds of characters, as well as technically blending in the on-set motion capture performances of our main Orc heroes during the postvis process.

I made a lot of long time friends on this production, most of us recently-relocated Ontario transplants.  It was a great group and I experienced how this positive, collaborative dynamic really translated into great work. I also learned how to really art direct the previs I was working on and make it look cinematic.