LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

Animal Logic, Warner Bros Animation (2019)

With its distinctive brick-built stop motion look, working the followup to the hit first movie was an exciting and intimidating first dive into an art department.

Patrick Hanenberger, the Production Designer on the project, wanted to bring in someone with both design & cinematography experience.  He pushed to incorporate 3D as early as possible into the design process to see how everything would look through the camera. It wasn’t just about layout; theatrics, building and transformation were big themes throughout the story. So design-focused animated previs, which we dubbed ‘artviz’, became key to communicating the beginning and end points of the designs, as well as how they could enhance the story.

Additionally, new to this sequel was the incorporation of real-life materials and objects into the LEGO environments within the sister’s world.  Myself and other artists were tasked with exploring how those real life textures objects would blend in with LEGO builds.  I’m very proud of the unique, colourful look we achieved for this fun sequel.